November 12, 2017
Social Submission

As those of us privy to the fine world of BDSM know, Dominance and submission are a broad and beautiful thing. The magnetism, the push-and-pull relationship can take so many forms it can be difficult to list them all plainly. But simply put, that is the beauty of it. There is no right and there are very few wrongs; so long as things remain between consenting adults than the sky is often the limit. You are free to find your niche and revel within it.

Even within our world though, things are often kept to the bedroom; or at the very least, to private. This is not without good reason; much of the BDSM world can be upsetting or alarming to outside parties or without context and a good deal of is ventures into the sexual. But what if you are someone who yearns for the cerebral side of submission, for an experience that leaves and transcends the boudoir? Is there a place for you in the sordid and sultry halls of our kind?


Welcome to the subtle art of social submission and dominance.


Now, when I say social submission, I don’t mean being paraded around in public in a full latex gimp suit (that is very much it’s own kink). Being out in public with a social Dominant is often considerably simpler, subtler, and more for the pleasure of the two of you only. Social Dominance can be as gentle as a certain look, gesture or word known only to you to mean something more than meets the eye (or ear). It can also involve agreed upon rules before hand, which may result in subtle public punishment. Social submission might mean following a protocol, waiting on your Dominant hand and foot, or simply doing everything she asks.


For me, much of the joy of Dominance comes from control; control of you, control of your body, control of your mind. I do not simply wish to tell you what to do, or do things to you; I want to know that your every move and decision is influenced by my will and your desire to please me. I love what this can involve in private, but I also adore what this can contain in public. I am an avid and enthusiastic Social Dominant.

There are many ways my ideal date might look. Perhaps it is as simple as drinks together, with my foot on your knee to occasionally tell you to pour me another drink. Maybe we are touring a city together and you are expected to open every door, pull out every chair, and assist with my coat every opportunity you get. I might quietly tell you what’s in store for you later, and expect you to maintain composure. New ideas are entering my perverted little mind all the time, and the possibilities feel endless.


If social submission sounds like something that might tickle your fancy, or perhaps has already got your extremities tingling, don’t be afraid to mention it to me. I revel in every unique opportunity to further pull a submissive into our delightful game. Whether it is something you’ve done a hundred times before or never, I will always craft a bespoke and one-of-a-kind experience to your tastes with the likely side effect of leaving you wanting more. The subtle art of social Dominance is one I have honed and practised often over the years, and a skill that I am always keen to sharpen further.


Can you imagine my wolfish grin across the table already? Good, now I know you’re paying attention.

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