June 13, 2017
self care

(Note: this is a re-post from my original blog on my previous website.)



It’s 2017, and the world has never been more hectic. We’re all subjected to near manic levels of expectation, pressure, and the requirement to one-up everyone else around us. Londoners in particular these days hardly seem to take the time out to eat and sleep, let alone look after themselves. Self care is all but forgotten.

“Love Thyself”. Never has this little phrase, these two words, been more important. As we become further sucked into the black hole of societal pressures, the need to look after ourselves becomes ever more integral to our sanity and survival.

Self care has always been a deeply personal thing, and varies from person to person as widely as you can possibly imagine. Some things are easy enough to take care of by ourselves, but often times we benefit from the introduction of a little help (personally, I love a good spa day). If you find your needs taking you to a more intimate or personal place, a professional companion is an excellent place to end up.

Seeing a companion for self care could be as simple as getting some all too important physical needs met, but it hardly needs to end there. Perhaps you have found yourself devoid of someone to talk about life with who doesn’t already know all your ins and outs. Maybe your physical touch levels have dropped a bit low, and some intimate touch is necessary to bring you back to yourself. Perhaps you have had a long held desire to explore another side of yourself, and need to finally let this out of its cage. Getting these needs and desires met can go an awfully long way towards making you a happier, healthier, and more complete individual.

Don’t worry; I can already hear you thinking, “But Faye, what if this makes me sound needy? What if I’m asking too much? What if it’s too personal?” While not all companions specialise in more personal intimate services, a well phrased message will determine right away if you have found the right person for you! Many of us have years of experience and training in helping people find solace as well as joy. I take great pleasure in requests to further personal growth, explore new depths and seek to help you love thyself! You’d also be amazed at how far a little bit of vulnerability can go when it comes to engaging a companion. (Trust me, we like it!)

Looking inside one’s self can be difficult at the best of times, and a bit of a dreadful experience when circumstances are less than ideal. Mix that with standard expectations of masculinity (if you’re a man) and you can often find yourself feeling required to always keep these things to yourself. This sort of thing is rarely healthy though, so learning to listen to your own needs is extra important. Consider this your invitation to give yourself a break once in a while!

While I can’t speak for everyone, my own experiences with individuals seeking a bit of self care has been nothing short of spectacular; for both of us! I love the relationship that comes from this kind of connection over time, and some of my all time favourite clients are the ones who originally sought me out for this purpose.

However you choose to do it, make sure you look after yourself once in a while! Of course, consider letting your favourite companion help you once in a while.



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