June 12, 2017
seeing an escort for the first time

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Forgive the Madonna reference; but, seeing an escort for the first time really can make you feel a bit like a virgin. The rules are all different, nothing is like what you’re used to and suddenly any experience you have feels like it’s useless here. The world has been reduced to one terrifying email and pressing that send button is going to take you down a whole new journey.

Fear not, my darlings. I am here to shed some light on the experience and give some valuable Do’s and Do Not’s when it comes to seeing an escort for the first time. While some nerves and anticipation can be heightening to an experience such as this, there’s no reason to be feeling like you’re stepping into shark infested waters when seeking a play mate for the first time.

Spoiled for Choice

So, you’ve decided to finally take the plunge, and do your first Google search. Immediately you’re inundated with beautiful companions offering to make your dreams come true. In large cities like London, you may literally be faced with thousands of individuals to choose from. How do you even begin to choose?

Perhaps it goes without saying, but finding a companion who is explicitly open to and experienced with newcomers is an excellent first step. Some of us are not very keen on seeing first timers (for individual and very valid reasons) and for others handling a nervous visitor is simply not part of their expertise. Most escorts who specialise in first time experiences will be quite up front with it, placing the information somewhere easy to find on their website. Look for that information and when you find it, rest assured that this companion is going to be ready for you!

Other important things to consider are tone and personality. Find someone whose words, tone and personality make you feel comfortable and excited to get in touch. Whilst looks are important when it comes to this sort of thing, it’s only part of what makes that particular companion amazing!

Breaking the Ice

Research has been done, you’ve compared profiles, and you’ve settled upon the companion (or companions!) that you think is best for you. You’ve followed their instructions for the best way to get in touch (this is really important!) and are ready to make contact. What sorts of things are best said in that first message?

Each companion has their own format that they like to work with, so paying attention to that is important. If they aren’t particularly detailed in what they ask for, then keep these things in mind:

  • Be respectful and professional in your first message. You wouldn’t give explicit details in a request to your doctor or lawyer, but…
  • Give some idea of what you are interested in, especially if it is something unique or specific
  • Suggest when you would be available, and give a range of dates/times if you can
  • Give screening information up front, if you know what is required
  • Don’t shy away from money talk; ask for specifics if you are unsure of a rate, or to confirm an amount
  • If you have any special needs, be up front with these
  • Make sure you hit all the important points concisely
  • Check and make sure your contact details are correct!

It’s okay to say that you’re nervous, and it’s definitely okay to say that it’s your first time. In fact, I would recommend it, as it will give the person on the other end of that message a good idea of what to expect.

A Little Back and Forth

Speaking to each other and going back and forth in messages a few times is normal in arranging things, and to be expected in most cases. Use this opportunity to air any potential concerns, ask any questions (though make sure you have checked for an answer on the companion’s website or profile FIRST) and make any special requests. As with before though, try to keep the conversation limited to the important stuff to keep from seeming like you’re just trying to get free chat!

Now is also an excellent time to reflect a bit on yourself. Many first timers find themselves experiencing a lot of nerves and may be feeling some doubt along side that. Worry is understandable and most companions will endeavour to soothe any and all worries you have before, during, and after a session. However; do make certain this is what you want to do BEFORE confirming an engagement with a companion. The last thing you want to do is change your mind at the last minute and find yourself either cancelling or not showing up to a date! Not showing up is definitely the fastest way to find yourself getting put on a time waster list, and nobody really wants that happening before they’ve even had a chance to get started.

The Big Day

No doubt by this point, excitement has built to near breaking point. Work has been avoided, phone calls ignored and the clock checked at least every seven or eight minutes. The day of your appointment has come, and you are ready to make the best possible first impression. Or at least, that is what you are desperately hoping to do!

There’s not much left to be done at this point, but a few key things remain:

  • Make an effort to look nice, even if you are wearing casual clothing. Pull out the stops with whatever grooming techniques suit you best, including sorting out your facial hair. If you wear a beard/moustache then make sure it is trimmed and in good shape; if you go sans facial hair, smooth shaven is the way.
  • Show up on time. In your eagerness you may find yourself showing up a bit (or maybe even a lot) early. Keep yourself entertained until your meeting time has arrived; your companion will be grateful you didn’t try to start sooner!
  • Have the fee ready to hand over within the first couple of minutes. It’s not expected that it be handed over the second you are in the doorway, but be prepared with it so you can give it discreetly to your companion after pleasantries have been exchanged.
  • Gifts are rarely expected, but can be a wonderful way of showing your appreciation and excitement to your companion!
  • Follow your companion’s lead. If they want to give you a tour, they will. Let them show you where to go, and then stay within those spaces. It’s rude to open doors to closed rooms or go exploring on your own.
  • If you are asked to shower/freshen up, do so. Even if you bathed right before leaving, refusing a companion’s request is not likely to make for a good start!

Your companion will know what they are doing and are likely to take everything to hand, so you will not be left wondering. If you’ve done all of these things, you are likely to be left with a very happy and impressed companion!

The Morning After

Congratulations! You’ve had your first date with a professional companion! With a little luck everything will have gone smoothly, and you will have left feeling like a million bucks. Maybe you are already planning your next encounter in your head. Now that it’s done though, what is the proper follow-up procedure?

To be honest, unless previously discussed, nothing is expected at this point. You could go your own merry way, and not do anything, and everything would be perfectly fine. However, there are some lovely things you can do that will go that extra step to make the whole experience a perfect one.

  • Send a thank you message. It doesn’t have to be a long one, but something saying that you appreciated the time together, even if you don’t want to book again, is a very kind gesture.
  • Ask if they take reviews, and leave a review if they would like one. Not all companions will receive reviews, but many do and those that do will appreciate the offer.
  • Start to arrange another meeting, if you so desire. Even if it’s just starting the process, this will let your companion know that you are very interested in seeing them again!
  • Find out if they have a mailing list, or social media presence you can follow. You may have already done this in a previous step, but if you haven’t this is a great way to keep in touch and see what they are up to without direct contact.

With your first time now behind you, future experiences should look a little less frightening.

This guide is by no means exhaustive, but should hopefully help lead the way to an excellent first time experience for many of you. Of course, at the end of the day, if you are ever unsure of something, it is always best to ask.

Many of my friends are extremely first time friendly, and I very much enjoy popping cherries! Perhaps you’ll be finding the courage to press that send button now….


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