June 11, 2017

(Note: this is a re-post from my first blog on my previous site.)



Every blog has got to have a first post, a first entry. That obligatory ‘Welcome to my blog!’ post. It’s a little bit hard to avoid it, so why not embrace it a bit? Like with many things, I have a tendency to avoid the average and embrace the bold. This is something you will quickly learn about me.

Who is this ‘me’, anyway? If you haven’t already devoured everything on my site, let me introduce myself.

My name is Faye Summers, and I am many things.

Not so much many pieces that make up a whole, but a swirl of identities that move in and around me, always combining in new and unique ways. I am an American, but I am a world traveler and largely unattached to the place of my birth. I am a kinkster, but more often than not find myself following my own desires than associating with a community. I’m practically an Amazon, but that doesn’t stop me from purchasing towering pumps and stilettos. I am an elite companion, courtesan, escort, playmate; call it what you will. Regardless of the word you attach to it, it is also a something I embrace about myself. Hopefully it’s something you embrace about me as well.

I also like to talk. A lot. Whether it’s a old favourite or a controversial new idea, I plan on filling these pages with subjects near and dear to me; art, erotica, BDSM, consent, communication, geeky things, female domination, and of course sex. Yes, there will be sex. I can never stay too far away from it. Can you blame me?

So, stick around. Pull up a chair. Take off your shoes. Get comfortable. This is only the beginning! I look forward to seeing you over and over again.



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