August 10, 2017
masturbation poetry

It’s no huge secret that I love to masturbate. I’m not shy about it (though I used to be, but that’s another story for another day) and the joy I derive from it is rather unique. I find the experience to be one that is unique and different to sex (another thing I love) and something that I crave independently of sex. Even the orgasms are different! Masturbation is such a delicious addition to one’s sexual repertoire.

It should probably come as no surprise to me (or anyone who knows me) that I find myself inspired to poetry by the very act of self pleasuring. What can I say? Orgasms get my creative juices flowing. And if you can’t share your masturbation poetry on your own sexy blog, then where can you?

May my joy inspire your own self pleasuring adventures. I think I have a bit more research to do, personally.



An Ode to Silicone Friends

A Bit of Masturbation Poetry


I love the climb we take together

My silicone covered friend

Starting at the bedside table

Crossing the room or the bed

To the chair’s edge or bath tub rim

Or possibly even the bathroom floor

(We did start our relationship there

Many years ago, you’ll recall)

All the while knowing what you have in store for me

So I find I can’t stop grinning.


Sometimes I start out bare and ready

Diving right in to the sheets and our dance

And others, I take my time

Letting you venture through layers of cloth and lace

Before eventually scrambling out of both

To give us better purchase

We both know I’ll end out naked with you eventually

It’s only a matter of time.


Your shape and size has changed over the years

And you’ve developed new levels and modes

But where it counts, you still know me best

Which curves to hug and edges to brush

To make me grip you tightest

With fingers and moist muscles

Giving you my best possible embrace.


Kiss me deeply, my silicone friend

Fill me with your singular purpose

And make me shudder and shake with the delight you bring

Sing your low rumbling song

To my hungry nerve endings

Reaching out eagerly to your tender touch

Full and ripe and ready

For the glorious finale

That I have almost found–


Ahh. You are a good friend indeed.

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