June 13, 2017
How to Tease a Woman

(Note: This is a re-post from my original blog on my previous website.)



I won’t lie…. I like pleasure.

I like it when it comes suddenly and unexpectedly; I like it when I see it coming. I love to give it to myself, and I like it even more when it’s given freely to me. Reaching those lofty heights is something I rarely say no to.

A sudden jolting embrace. Frantic, groping hands. Harried breaths on the back of the neck. Delicious things, to be sure. I love the frenzy and the fluster. But more than that, I like to be denied.

Don’t worry, you heard me correctly. I like to be teased and taunted. Given drips and drams of physical pleasure while I steadily want more. I want you to make me beg for it. Maybe you know how to tease a woman; maybe you don’t. In that moment though, I don’t care. I want you to find out what you know.

It won’t be easy for either of us. You’ll want to give more. I’ll want to take more. Deep down though, we both know that good things are worth waiting for.

I want you to treat me like a perfect piece of porcelain to start; flawless, delicate and to be admired carefully. I want your fingertips and lips to grace my skin slowly and with precision. Find the spots that draw the greatest response, then turn away from them. Gentle touches eventually should turn to firm handfuls, but staying away from places that make me gasp. Draw attention to the hungriest nerve endings with denial. Skirt closely to edges of lips and tips only to pull away at the last moment. Make me whimper. Make me beg.

Give me relief in brief shimmering glances. A brush of a thumb, a drag of a palm. Increase my taste bit by bit and dig the well of my desire deeper. Make me beg for more, but refuse to give it…. yet.

Get to know my body in new ways. Feel the curve of my bottom against your hand, and the way I rise into your lips upon my chest. Appreciate the warmth between my thighs, cup it in your palm. Brush your thumb gently against sensitive swells. Watch me wriggle and writhe. Ascend with me until neither of us can stand it any more.

Make me beg for it…. and when you eventually give it, you will be handsomely rewarded.

Now…. would you care to do some exploring with me?



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