June 29, 2017
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July is a special kind of month. It’s the middle of summer. It’s full of fun things to do. It’s also my birthday month.


I believe in celebrating one’s birthday with lots of pizazz, flourish, and good food and drink. Given that July is usually such a busy month for so many people, I’ve given up on celebrating on just one day. The whole month has been earmarked for celebration and fun. I hope you want to be a part of it!


It’s been a great year to be a Faye fan, with so many new releases and new content. Perhaps you are a long time lover and fan, following my progress over the months. Maybe you are a new follower of my luscious curves and razor sharp wit. Regardless of who you are or where you found me, now is the time to show a little appreciation for all my hard work! That’s what birthdays are all about, right? (Don’t worry, I’m one of those people who also likes to give gifts on their birthday, so keep reading.)


Gifts for Me

What would a birthday be without some birthday presents? Of course, you don’t want to just give something random; there’s nothing worse than getting someone the wrong gift. A little guidance can go a long way, and I’m here to give just that.

For those of you who prefer to get things right on the nose without a bunch of searching, my Wish List comes to the rescue (this one too!). It’s full of a wide variety of things for all tastes, all hand picked by yours truly. You can’t go wrong with anything on this list, though be aware that some things come in pairs/sets! (It wouldn’t really do to get me a Nintendo Switch game without a Nintendo Switch…)

Can’t choose, or feel like you can’t afford anything on the list? Cash gifts can also be left, for me to spend on whatever I wish on my list. And all gifts of £10 or more qualify for my thank you gift, so you can’t go wrong to give a little something.

Prefer to be a little more creative? I love seeing what people choose of their own accord, and also welcome things like travel vouchers and tickets to events. If you think you know what I’ll like, let me see how well you know me!

Of course, I’m not about to let kindness go without kindness in return….


Gifts for You

I would be quite remiss to let this occasion go without giving a little love back to my fantastic fans. As a thank you gift to everyone who gives a birthday gift, you will receive private access to my latest shoot with the fabulous Nadia Rose. The shoot features some wonderful romantic looks, new lingerie, and plenty of cheeky smiles. These photos will not be released publically, so this is the only way to see them! What better motivation to help a pretty lady have a good birthday?


That’s not all though, I want to make July a memorable month for you as well! As such, I am offering a couple of special offers for the month of July. Whether you’re a seasoned lover or a new friend, there is something good on the table for you.


Fleeting Summer Love: 1 Hour Special for New Friends

Been wanting to meet me, but life has been getting in your way? I don’t typically offer one hour dates in favour of longer ones, but for the month of July, I want to enjoy a little whirlwind summer fun. One hour dates available to first time visitors only for £300 incall, £350 outcall. Availability for these slots will be limited, so get in touch now to avoid missing out.


Birthday Cake is Better Shared: Dinner Discount

If you’re a follower of my Instagram then you know how much I love fine dining with fine company. London is such a beautiful landscape of wonderful restaurants, and exploring more of them is definitely high on my list for my birthday. To help facilitate this, all dates that include dinner are £100 off the listed rate. If breakfast is included as well, then the reduction is £200. Two meals are better than one, after all!



Thank you again to all my friends and lovers for making the past year a wonderful one! I am looking forward to the next one and all the excitement it is sure to bring.


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